Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Guys with Guns Unable to Stop the Bad Guys with Guns. Another example from same incident.

Joseph Wilcox was shopping at the Walmart outside of Las Vegas where the shooting occurred yesterday.  He was concealed-carrying a weapon legally, and tried to intervene when he say Jerad and Amanda Miller.  Unfortunately, he was killed.  

If he hadn't pulled out his weapon, it's likely he would still be alive.  Of course, what he did was brave in that he was trying to protect others.  

So this is a very clear case where gun rights did not protect anyone.  This is also a case where it is not the case that the solution to a bad person with a gun is another "good" person with a gun.

Now one might say, to expand on what I said above, Joseph Wilcox, the man who legally conceal-carried a weapon that he used to try to defend others as well as himself, was doing something brave and courageous that many others would do in the same situation. Moreover, Wilcox had no idea that the couple had only killed police officers and no one else, such that if we didn't pull his weapon he probably would have been safe.

I support the abolition of second amendment rights because even though Wilcox was doing something brave, he lacked the training to know how to act in this situation and that must have been one of the factors in his murder. Secondly, even if the preponderance of second amendment right citizens are acting responsibly, as I expect Wilcox probably did, that right is not worth the imminent public danger that the abuse of this right by individuals like Jerad and Amanda Miller pose. 

To be clear: the threat of abuses of the second amendment nullifies the benefits of that amendment. We agree not to kill others when we enter society, and so we should be able to agree not to brandish instruments with no purpose but killing when we enter society.

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