Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There are No Good Guys with Guns, Or, Why You Should Avoid People Who Concealed Carry

The main question is, what kind of people carry concealed weapons?

!) People who are scared.
Of those scared, the question is why?  They live in dangerous places.  In this case, you do not want to be where these people are going and especially not with them because they are bringing something which will only escalate the situation.  

Or, they have had experiences with others that scared them. In this case, you also do not want to be with these people because they have not overcome their trauma and their view of the world is one of a victim, and victims will become victims in the future, again and again. These are people who will be the first to escalate any situation that seems even slightly threatening.

2) People who "work late hours" and live next to drug dealers.  I've lived in bad neighborhoods and I've never had a concealed weapon.  Carrying a concealed weapon around drug dealers is not going to protect you from them. If they don't think you're carrying a weapon, then they don't care about you.  If they do, then any confrontation with them will lead to violence.  

3) People who want to celebrate gun ownership. This category is completely bewildering. These people want to feel macho and powerful by carrying a weapon.  

If they are responsible, they would never carry, because there is practically no situation in which his gun can de-escalate a situation.  If they do carry, then they are not really responsible, because they have underestimated the dangers to which they are exposing everyone who spends time with them.

The truth is, these people are not macho, but the most emasculated, because they need to wear a gun to feel like a man, or to feel powerful.  Those are the scariest people (and they too are scared people).

And let's just be clear what this person is celebrating: the right to brandish a tool that has only one purpose, which is to kill others. 

This list is exhaustive. 

Conclusion: there are no good guys with guns (except police, although they do not concealed carry).  

Adam Weinstein, if you have a brain in your head, for the sake of your son and your wife, get rid of your guns and stop carrying concealed.  

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